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"Best childcare facility in Lubbock. My daughter can't wait to go back every Monday! Can't wait to see all their dreams become a reality!"
- Greg G. via Facebook

"LOVE this place and all of the staff! My oldest is 10 and we have been there since he was 6 months old. My 9 and 10-year-olds still get so excited to attend the summer camp and my 4-year-old loves attending the Pre-K class. This is an excellent place to send your kids! Highly recommended!"
- Kim P. via Facebook

"Once again, we enjoyed a great performance. The kids did an amazing job! Thanks to the best teachers ever!"
- Maria V.

"Literally had to drag my son out today! He did not want to leave the new building. He wanted to stay the night to make sure it was going to still be there. He absolutely loved it! Y'all guys did amazing, and we are so excited for our boys to be attending at DBS!"
- Leslie H.

"Love DBS camp, I have my 3 boys here love it! They are totally AMAZING! They have the friendliest, lovable staff who makes you feel like family! And when I see my now 18-month-old baby boy excited running toward his teacher, I know he is happy and safe there! Can't say enough good things about DBS camp, but I do like to say thanks to all their teachers and everyone, especially Diana you are amazing!"
- Yudith T. via Facebook

"We LOVE Camp DBS. My 4-year-old has attended since he was 2 and my 5-month-old has attended since he was 4 weeks old! I have always felt that my babies are very well taken care of, and I've never had one single issue. Diana is amazing and everyone there is so nice. Almost all the teachers know my children by name, even the ones that haven't had them in their class. The curriculum is great too. Maddux already knows some Spanish and some sign language. They really focus on the children's education. I couldn't ask for a better child care center!"
- Caitlin C. via Facebook

"A year ago we moved the boys' daycare and we were so scared because we had been at the same daycare since the boys were born and we loved it there but it was too far for us. A year later, I can definitely say Doodlebug is the best daycare. The boys love it there and learn so much. And they are so great to work with you on anything you might need! We are blessed with a great daycare!"
- Amanda N. via Facebook
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Your child will love all the activities and amenities at DBS Kids, including our well-stocked library and indoor playground!
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